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R.project manages dormitory accommodations, sports facilities, and campsites, which were renovated from old buildings or administrative areas. They are located within 2 hours from Tokyo and are easy to access by train or bus. In addition, We also have 3 guesthouses located inside Tokyo for foreign travelers

Group Program

Training camp

Trainng Camps

Ideal for sports trainings, company meetings, dancing, music band performances, school trips, etc.


Located in nature areas within 2 hours from Tokyo.We provide everything you need including rental tools, permanent tent and etc.
Sports festival / ball games meeting

Sports Events

Full-scale soccer ground, track and field, and gymnasium are available. They are perfect for holding sports events
Japanese culture experience

Culture experience

Having traditional Japanese culture experience such as wearing Kimono and tea celemony
Skill up seminar

Skill-up Seminar

Supervisors give instrctions on the best techniques for running, soccer playing, dancing, and etc.
Mountain climbing Mount Fuji

Climbming Mt, Fuji

Clibming experience of the highest mountain in Japan: Mt.Fuji
Waterside activity

Water Activities

Water Activities such as Surffing, Canoeing, Fishing, Standup paddling in the lakes and sea
Yoga, Bouldering

Yoga, Bouldaling

Lecture of Yoga or Bouldaling in the nature

Case Study

New York University

New York University(60 people/ 4 days/@Sunset breeze Hota)

Every January, students from USA stay at Sunset Breeze Hota in Chiba prefecture. They attend many Japanese cultural events during their stay: Uchiwa making (handmade rounded paper fan), Zazen practice (meditation for mind and body control), Japanese festivals, and etc.
  • New York University
  • New York University
Internship Students from Indonesia

Internship Students from Indonesia(6 people/24 days/@Shibamata FU-TEN)

Indonesian students participated in Internship program in Tokyo. Shibata FU-TEN Bed and Local was the base for them to share information and enjoy traditional Japanese cultural experiences
  • Internship Students from Indonesia
Malaysia National U-22 team

Malaysia National U-22 team(40 people/ 14 days /@ Aerbin Sports park)

Malaysia National Under 22 soccer team had training camp at Aerbin Sports park. Nagara town gave them full support and held the opening ceremony. R.project helped them set up training match with Japanese local team. In addition, we also provided accommodation and well-balanced Halal products as their training meals.
  • Malaysia National U-22 team
  • Malaysia National U-22 team

Fcilities List

Training camp
Training camp

Fcilities List